The excitingly, wilfully dynamic Jean-Christophe Spinosi. With the NCH out of action the ICO is going to find its options even more limited as other promoters suck up viable alternatives.

The media in Ireland and Britain are writing, talking and agonising about Brexit, an event that has not happened yet. Mutterings are already under way(...)

Boris Johnson: Described as a “flatulent man-child”. Photograph: Matt Frost/ITV via Getty Images

Until this week, it was hard to find a leading figure in the Leave campaign who seriously believed they were likely to win the UK’s EU referendum on J(...)

German Minister for Finance Wolfgang talking to Michael Noonan in Brussels.  Schäuble laid out the view on which Berlin’s current policy is based with sobering clarity last week.  Photograph: Getty Images

Angela Merkel’s remarkable election result confirms her position as the dominant politician in Germany and so also in Europe. It is assumed she will g(...)