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Tweeting been made easier, says Twitter. Is that wise? Photograph: Thomas White/Reuters

Twitter’s doubled character limit is undoubtedly good news – for Germans. Anybody who writes in languages that make even the most verbose English seem(...)

Twitter said it believes the higher limit will not affect the short, sharp nature of the platform. File photograph: Thomas White/Reuters

Twitter’s expansion to 280 characters has been met with a mixed reaction from users. The social media site confirmed on Tuesday night it was doubling(...)

Twitter has decided to make permanent a new 280-character limit on tweets. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Brevity may be the soul of wit, but Twitter is betting that an extra few characters wouldn’t go amiss. The platform has long stuck to a 140-character(...)

Just 0.4 per cent of tweets written in Japanese hit the current 140-character limit compared to 9 per cent of those in English

There is good news on the horizon for those who find it hard to express themselves in a tweet. Twitter is to invite a random group of users to trial(...)