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Alison Spittle: ‘I like listening to happy music  and if it doesn’t make me feel good, I won’t listen to it’

My music preference is hip-hop, R&B and pop, according to Spotify. When I was younger, I was obsessed with Morrissey and The Smiths. I used to go (...)

Brighter days are ahead. Ninety-five well-known people tell us what they are most eagerly anticipating in the coming months Daniel O’Donnell Sin(...)

He’s Irish: Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar Jones in Normal People. Photograph: Enda Bowe/Element Pictures

In a year when our social lives ground to a halt and face masks became the new fashion accessory, coronavirus was unsurprisingly the main topic of onl(...)

The Podcast Studios is a one-stop-shop for the burgeoning or established podcaster.
Servicing the entrepreneurs

You may have the best creative idea in the world, but it won’t come to anything if you don’t have the right place or proper equipment to produce it. F(...)

A scene from Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s film The Platform, a recent Netflix release – “a gloomy shocker set in a prison that operates like practical moral conundrum”.

A million years ago we rode on trains and drank beer in public places. Further ago than that we could communicate remotely only by letter or telephone(...)

KEEPING CALM, KEEPING ACTIVE 1: Chill out with Ten Percent Happier Live We are living in anxiety-inducing times and it is vital that we take care of(...)

These tips should keep you going for a while and help you stay informed. Illustration: Ouyang Xiaozhen

Social distancing is vital to preventing the spread of coronavirus amid the Covid-19 pandemic. It is also, as people across Ireland and the world are (...)

Here are five ways to show your love for your mother while still keeping your social distance. Photograph: CatLane/Getty Images

This Mother’s Day will be peculiar. With everyone being encouraged to stay at home and avoid socialising, many of us won’t be able to see our mothers (...)

As precautionary measures against Covid-19 virus intensify, one of the most vulnerable sectors is the arts, where the majority of workers are self-emp(...)

For Matilda on Sunday night, people dressed up as various characters

In these grim times, thank goodness for people making it their mission to distract us from the challenges of living through a pandemic. One of those p(...)

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