Exposing their ripped torsos in the same summer, first Leo Varadkar and now Richard Bruton (above) have set the tone for men’s autumn fashion. Blue shirts are out, is the message: blue and shirtless is in. Even if you don’t have the politics to match the torso, Irish weather will usually take care of the blue bit.

I see that decades after the shillelagh was decommissioned on this island, it is making a big comeback in England, albeit not under the same name. Th(...)

To cap it all, Stephen Rynne wrote, she had “an attractive way of stooping as she passes into the henhouses”. Photograph: Getty Images

One of the more contentious opinions of that otherwise affable writer Stephen Rynne – as I was reminded recently at the height of the ministerial geog(...)

 The Château d’If in Marseilles. Photograph: Patrick Gorski/ Getty Images

If there was little else to recommend it, the first half of 2020 has at least been a chance to catch up on classic books I should have read years ago (...)

Dubliner Anthony Blackwell looks down on Marseille, where he works as a secondary school teacher
Welcome to my place . . . Marseille
  • Abroad
  • November 17, 2018, 06:00

Dubliner Anthony Blackwell, graduate of NUI Maynooth and Trinity College, lives in Marseille where he works as a secondary school teacher at the Inter(...)

The Hotel Dieu, an 18th century hospital that was given a €145 million refurbishment to become the five-star Intercontinental Hotel.

Marseille, the Netflix series, wasn’t a great hit earlier this year, but even if viewers scoffed at the hammed up acting and unlikely plot twists of t(...)