Albert Speer

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Uma Thurman and Matt Dillon: an attack on misogyny or a celebration of it? With Von Trier, you never get a chance to find out

A hint of guilt has always attended the appreciation of Lars von Trier’s work. It’s not just that you feel yourself absorbing unlovely attitudes to ge(...)

Do you really want enter into a routine in which every night you denude your bed of those disappointingly uncomfortable, frequently bead-fringed squares of stuffed silk

When did hotel design start to inspire our domestic interiors? I understand the aspirational element, you’ll always pick up a little something on you(...)

Recovered: US soldiers in 1945 with Wintergarden, a Manet stolen by the Nazi regime and hidden in a salt mine. Photograph: US National Archives/Reuters

Germany swooned when George Clooney arrived this year to direct and star in The Monuments Men, the true story of a US-army platoon of art experts sent(...)