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The report says unification could arise only through referendums on both sides of the Border and these could be held on the same day. Photograph: Aidan Crawley/Bloomberg

The holding of referendums on Irish unity on both sides of the Border without a proper plan for how to handle the possible outcomes could seriously th(...)

The consultation is part of an independent, two-year project being carried out by the Working Group on Unification Referendums on the Island of Ireland

A public consultation on the format of any future Border poll and how it might be carried out is being launched today by academics in Ireland, Britain(...)

AS many as four referendums could be required to bring about a united Ireland. File photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

A united Ireland could necessitate at least three referendums and possibly four, constitutional experts have said. A working unit has been set up co(...)

Brexit debate: Theresa May listens to Philip Hammond’s conference speech. Photograph: Hannah McKay/Reuters

Philip Hammond has warned Conservatives against downplaying the difficulties presented by Brexit, adding that the United Kingdom’s economic future wou(...)