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Ulster Bank acted “unconscionably” in taking €667,000 of savings to offset againist a dispute €1.6 million debt. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

A fund has been permanently prevented by the Court of Appeal from seeking to recover some €1.6 million from a doctor arising from a loan issued by Uls(...)

The Four Courts: Mr Justice Max Barrett  ruled   Dr Healy  was liable to Promontoria (Aran) Ltd for the debt.  Chris Maddaloni/Collins

A bank official’s representations to a doctor at a meeting that he was “in the clear” in relation to a debt before he put €2.2 million on deposit in 2(...)

Dublin Gospel Choir at this year’s Electric Picnic. Photograph: John Soffe

Maybe you have one of those families that has a Christmas sing-song: children dramatically present themselves from behind the sitting-room curtains; (...)

A doctor has won his appeal against the High Court’s rejection of his claim Ulster Bank wrongly appopriated some €667,000 monies in a deposit account (...)

Ken Maleady is an emergency cardiology nurse at Connolly hospital, Blanchardstown. Photograph: Facebook

A runner saved the life a woman who was married to his school friend during the Dublin marathon on Monday after a series of chance encounters. Ken Mal(...)