Alan Foley

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  Revenue sniffer dog Bailey with his handler Alan Foley at the Dublin Mail Centre in Dublin 12. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

In the An Post Dublin Mail Centre in Dublin 12, hundreds of people are hard at work, but none work as hard as Bailey, a Revenue detector dog who scent(...)

Black lake in Durmitor National Park in Montenegro

Snap happy (lake in Montenegro): Dublin Photography School has announced a special trip for April 2018. Spend a day and night in the walled city of Du(...)

★★★ The dual role of Odette-Odile is danced by Ekaterina Bortyakova in this production of perhaps the most famous(...)

Robert Thomson in rehearsals for The Nutcracker at the Cork Opera House

‘It won’t be a nostalgia-fest,” says Alan Foley at the Firkin Crane dance centre in Cork. Listening to him describe this weekend’s reunion forum fo(...)

Local escargot aren’t something you see very often on Irish menus. But the tiny snails, reared by Eva Milka of Gaelic Escargot in Carlow, were the (...)