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CJ Fallon is among a handful of publishers that supply both primary and secondary schools across the State. File photograph: Eric Luke

Dublin-headquartered educational publishing company CJ Fallon has completed a €25 million refinancing that will free up cash to provide a windfall for(...)

A Deliveroo worker goes about his business. As the law tries to catch up with the technology, a couple of companies dig their heels in – Air BnB, Uber, Lyft, Deliveroo, TaskRabbit, Deliveroo. Photograph:  Mikael Buck/Deliveroo

In the 2011 bestseller The Master Switch, author Tim Wu argues that, throughout history, communication technologies tend to move from at first being a(...)

“Even though we can still only read approximately 260 words per minute, we get to read only the newest and most relevant information gathered on our behalf.”

Moore’s Law, in its crudest terms, refers to the theory that technological capacity doubles every two years. So far this prophecy – first posited by I(...)

Monaco marina. Superyachts require a major survey service every five years to comply with certain class, maritime laws and insurance requirements.

Lonsdale Capital, the UK private equity firm cofounded by Dublin-born Alan Dargan and Ross Finegan, is poised to float a superyacht painting and maint(...)

The MY ‘Triple Seven’ which is serviced by Global Yachting Group: the annual running costs for a superyacht can equate to about 8-10 per cent of the original cost of acquisition of the vessel

Lonsdale Capital Partners, co-founded by Irishman Alan Dargan, has become the majority stakeholder in luxury-yacht service firm Global Yachting Group(...)