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JR Ryall and Darina Allen of Ballymaloe House restaurant, which won the  Trolley of the Year award at the  World Restaurant Awards in Paris. Photograph: Thomas Samson / AFP

Echoing last year’s Michelin awards, last night’s Irish wins at the inaugural World Restaurant Awards in Paris were all about Cork, with east Cork’s B(...)

Nowhere gets on this list of Ireland’s best occasion restaurants – part of our 100 best restaurants, cafes and places to eat in Ireland 2018 – through(...)

Alain Passard, left, with Alain Kerloc’h and Stephen Toman of Ox Belfast

It was the last in a series of emails that made chef Stephen Toman burst out laughing. He realised one of the world’s most famous chefs was “bringing (...)

‘Pumpkins and squash abound in Ireland at this time and as chefs and cooks we normally don’t give them enough credit or time in the kitchen’

The storms and cold weather have finally come and it’s high time to look for warm comforting food to replenish the light that slowly fade inside us. (...)

Filmmaker Brian McGinn is coming to Ireland for the Ballymaloe Litfest next May, and hopes to find inspiration here for his Netflix series, Chef’s Table

Brian McGinn likes nothing better than finding out he’s completely wrong about a country’s food. “As an American, I thought Russian food was just cavi(...)

Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry outside The Dead Rabbit: Muldoon says of Ox, ‘It was honestly one of the best dining experiences I’ve had this year’

A young Belfast chef boarded a flight to New York last night with some unusual packages. All going well Andy Michaelides should be unpacking dried fig(...)

It’s all cranes and cool people round London’s King’s Cross these days. The halo of grime that blooms around train stations has been scrubbed away. S(...)

Restaurant of the year: Harry’s Restaurant and Bar in Inishowen, Co Donegal

Of all the bare-bricked and filament-bulbed gin joints in all the world – I’ve walked into more than my fair share in 2014. It was the year that Ir(...)

You learn a few things on a road trip to Limerick. Pat Kenny’s talking on the radio to a scientist about the mantis shrimp which can see 12 kinds of l(...)

 Alain Passard photographed in L’Arpège by  Pauline Le Goff

It is a relief interviewing the svelte, impishly handsome, intoxicatingly charismatic Alain Passard on the phone and not in person, for concent(...)

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