Alexandr Bekmirzaev hiking in Wicklow in 2010: captured by Kurds in December while fighting for Isis in Syria.

“There is no way out from here. They don’t let out man. Woman and kids can go. They don’t care and don’t help now. Some people eat, mainly [the] ruler(...)

An Armenian Orthodox woman prays at the Syrian Saint Sarkis Church during Christmas celebrations on January 6, 2016 in Damascus. AFP PHOTO / LOUAI BESHARA

Genocide is a specific legal term. If something is classified as genocide, it imposes a responsibility to act on both individual states and the intern(...)

A boy queues with other migrants and refugees to enter a transit camp in Slavonski Brod on Wednesday. Thousands of newly arrived migrants and asylum seekers are on the move through Croatia and towards the border with Slovenia, from where they plan to continue their journey to western European countries. Thousands -  many fleeing violence in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan -  have been making their way from Turkey to the Balkans in recent months, hoping to reach Germany, Sweden and other EU states. Photograph: Elvis Barukcic/AFP/Getty Images

EU countries have demonstrated a “deficit of solidarity” with Turkey as it struggles to accommodate 2.4 million refugees as a result of the Syrian cri(...)

German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president François Hollande at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday. Photograph: Patrick Seeger/EPA

The leaders of France and Germany called on European Union member states to put their differences behind them as they tackle the refugee crisis, urgin(...)

Nato secretary general Jens Stoltenberg at  a press conference  in Brussels on Tuesday. “I will not speculate on the motives but this does not look like an accident,” he said. Photograph: Laurent Dubrule/EPA

Nato general secretary Jens Stoltenberg rejected claims by Russia that its incursion into Turkish airspace last weekend was accidental, amid claims t(...)

More than 100 young Dutch people have travelled to fight in Syria and at least five have been killed since 2011. Photograph: George Ourfalian/Reuters

A court in the Netherlands has been asked to incarcerate a 24-year-old mentally vulnerable Muslim man in a psychiatric hospital to stop him travelling(...)

King Willem-Alexander: the terror alert was increased to “substantial” just weeks before his investiture. Photograph: Reuters/Jerry Lampen

A 16-YEAR-OLD Muslim girl has been detained by police in the Netherlands following a tip-off from the domestic security service to prevent her (...)