Smart home: An Amazon Echo device.

All Irish radio stations are now accessible through Amazon’s voice-activated speaker range and its digital assistant Alexa, as they bid to maintain th(...)

RTÉ’s mast in Donnybrook. The broadcaster believes it should be allowed to charge pay-TV operators for its channels. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Sky will drop RTÉ from its platform if the Government does not continue to oblige the public service broadcaster to offer its channels to pay-TV compa(...)

RTÉ’s on-demand content can now be accessed through Sky’s apps.

RTÉ’s on-demand service RTÉ Player will be available to viewers through Sky’s mobile apps from today as part of a deal between the two rival broadcas(...)

Are app-developing companies ignoring Android users, or are Android users ignoring their apps? Although Google’s fast-rising Android oper(...)