It  is wrong to describe a fertilised ovum as a human being. It is a biological reaction. It has no head, no heart, no spine, no consciousness.

It is time we talked about the embryo. Calmly, seriously, rationally. Last week it emerged that scientists at Oregon Health and Science University h(...)

 Shoukhrat Mitalipov was a senior author on a study  detailing how scientists have for the first time successfully edited genes in human embryos to repair a serious disease-causing mutation. Photograph: Leah Nash/The New York Times

Ireland is ill-prepared to deal with the ethical and legal concerns raised by the increasing ability of scientists to edit human genes, according to a(...)

‘The EU has been slow to act in introducing a similar law that specifically protects a worker’s genetic information.’ Photograph: Getty Images

If your job was at risk, would you be willing to reveal your genetic code to your employer? And could the law protect you if you refused? Recently, a (...)