Aine O Dwyer

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Bloom 2018 at the Phoenix Park has an eclectic mix of stunning show gardens, tantalising food features and fun for all the family. Photograph: Chris Bellew/ Fennell Photography

BELFAST AVA Festival S13 Warehouse and the Mac, Belfast, June 1st-2nd This audio-visual arts (ava) festival and conference is wh(...)

Áine O’Dwyer: ‘I think the last year of my MA, I was just so browned-off with critiquing, critiquing, talking. I think that’s what led me to explore something in a very organic way’

Áine O’Dwyer and I are the last customers in a cafe in Smithfield, Dublin, and she is telling me a story about learning to play the organ at St Mar(...)

Gyohei Zaitsu in Visitant

Many artists might wish to collaborate, perhaps driven by an aesthetic itch that needs to be scratched, or a need to break their artistic solit(...)