Aine Adams

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 ‘The alleged attacker of Maíria Cahill was ordered into exile by the IRA. So was the alleged attacker of Paudie McGahon.’ Above, BBC Northern Ireland ‘Spotlight’ reporter, Jennifer O’Leary interviewing Paudie McGahon. Photograph: BBC Northern Ireland

In recent Irish history, just two bodies have had the power to order a citizen into exile. No government, no court of law, no official body, however p(...)

Liam Adams at Laganside Courts. The 58-year-old denies abusing his daughter Áine.

The jury in the trial of Liam Adams, who is charged with the sexual abuse of his daughter Áine, yesterday heard the final charge from the judge and fi(...)

Liam Adams leaving court yesterday. Photograph: Alan Lewis/Photopress

Liam Adams has told Belfast Crown Court that he did not tell the PSNI about a confrontation with Gerry Adams because it was “drummed” into him not to (...)