Aidan Redmond

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The Mai: Derbhle Crotty is both tough and tender in what was Marina Carr’s first full-length play

THE MAI Civic Theatre, Tallaght ★ ★ ★ Marina Carr’s first full-length play is perhaps her most conventional. Carr’s work frequently blurs the boundar(...)

Teresa Deevy’s family still live in the same house she did in Waterford

A strange, dark metallic-laced cloud hangs high above the stage set against a backlit impressionistic sky, shadowing the lives of characters passing a(...)

The Turk’s Head, Parliament Street, Dublin, is owned by David Cullen.Photograph: Eric Luke

The wife of David Cullen, owner of the Turk’s Head Bar and Paramount Hotel in Dublin’s Temple Bar, has said the transfer of properties to her from her(...)