Aidan MacCarthy was born in 1913 and graduated with a medical degree at UCC before travelling to London in search of work in 1938.

It has already been the subject of a film documentary but then RAF doctor Aidan MacCarthy led such a life less ordinary that it’s hardly surprising th(...)

Sinéad Kennedy, your guide at the Rose Ball and the drama of the qualifying rounds in Road to the Dome, Monday, RTÉ One, 6.30pm

Debatable Monday-Friday, BBC Two, 6.30pmDo we need yet another quiz show on telly? That’s debatable. Patrick Kielty hosts this new daily quiz show in(...)

 Dr Aidan MacCarthy, from Cork, of the RAF, who survived Dunkirk, the fall of Singapore, having his ship torpedoed and time in a POW camp, before being in Nagasaki on the day on the atomic bomb was dropped

Seventy years ago today, the second – and hopefully last – atomic bomb used in warfare was dropped. The city of Nagasaki was incinerated in a millisec(...)

Some few years before his death in 1995, Dr Aidan MacCarthy, a proud son of the Beara peninsula, mused upon his extraordinary experiences in the se(...)

Hiroshima bomb memorial ceremony in Dublin: Dr Aidan MacCarthy from west Cork was the first non-Japanese doctor to assist in the relief effort after the bombing. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

A documentary on the life of a Cork doctor who survived Dunkirk and was a prisoner of war after being captured by the Japanese in Java is due to have (...)

The mushroom cloud over Hiroshima. Photograph: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Inset: Sr Julie Canny

The dropping of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima was one of the most important single events of the 20th century and ushered in the atomic age. Between 70(...)

Elusive: Rory Kinnear as Lord Lucan and Catherine McCormack as his wife, Veronica

Lord Lucan’s story has all the ingredients for a cracking good drama. In 1974 the raffish peer’s nanny, Sandra Rivett, was found bludgeoned to death i(...)