Adrienne Cullen: Report described Ms Cullen’s treatment at UMC Utrecht as a ‘calamity’.

The head of a Dutch hospital that missed Irishwoman Adrienne Cullen’s cancer and resisted the investigation of her case for several years has apologis(...)

The late Adrienne Cullen, whose pathology results were lost by the hospital for two years

UMC Utrecht, the Dutch hospital that missed Adrienne Cullen’s cancer and resisted the investigation of her case for several years, says it has learned(...)

Adrienne Cullen: The report details two significant opportunities the hospital missed to spot her cancer at an early stage when she first attended in 2011. Photograph: Judith Jockel

The failure of a Dutch hospital to diagnose an Irishwoman’s cervical cancer was a “calamity” arising from multiple deficiencies and shortcomings in it(...)

Adrienne Cullen at  home in Voorschoten, in the Netherlands.

An Irishwoman who died in the Netherlands of cervical cancer as a result of medical negligence has been praised by the country’s prime minister for he(...)

The late Adrienne Cullen: “By the time my results were found by accident two years later, I had a large tumour, and treatment was too late to cure me.”

An Irish woman who became a “formidable warrior” in pursuit of transparency in hospital care after she was left with terminal cervical cancer arising (...)

Adrienne Cullen: “I trust the integrity of the investigators.” Photograph: Judith Jockel

A Dutch hospital has announced an investigation into how an Irish woman’s cancer diagnosis lay on her file for two years before she was told. Adrienn(...)

Adrienne Cullen at her home in Voorschoten.

When I first read about Vicky Phelan, my heart missed a beat. The parallels with my own story – which were written about in these pages two weeks ago (...)