Sigmar Recruitment chief executive Adrian McGennis (left) said the hub in Co Kerry would be a “key element” of the company’s international growth.

Irish recruitment company Sigmar plans to create 50 jobs at a new “European talent hub” in Tralee, Co Kerry. The company is seeking candidates from “(...)

Sigmar, which in February said it would expand following investment from French group Adéquat, has already developed a niche around sourcing web developers from central and eastern European countries or the IT industry.

Sigmar Recruitment is considering opening a new unit in Kerry to recruit web developers from countries such as Romania and Croatia to work remotely fo(...)

Sigmar chief executive Adrian McGennis

Irish recruitment company Sigmar is to enter a strategic partnership with the France-based Groupe Adéquat to create a €1 billion global group. Sigmar(...)

 “Today’s younger workers will probably change jobs up to eight times during their careers”

The “war for talent” is a legacy phrase from the Celtic Tiger era when companies were paying a lot of money to outdo each other to get staff. It is ab(...)

Taoiseach Enda Kenny addresses the Global Irish Economic Forum at Dublin Castle.  Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Things have changed radically in the employment sector since the recession forced thousands of Ireland’s brightest to move abroad in search of work. M(...)

Assessing candidates for specific jobs is a specialism that many businesses don’t possess, and this is where a recruitment agency comes in. Photograph: Getty images/iStockphoto

Given the popularity of LinkedIn and the many organisations choosing to look after their hiring needs themselves, you’d be forgiven for wondering why (...)

Server cabinets on the data centre floor at the Telecity Data Storage Centre in the North West Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin.

Data centres are huge catalysts for growth in the employment market, according to Sigmar Recruitment CEO Adrian McGennis, who said the demand for dat(...)