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On average, women will have €153 less a week in pension income to live on than men. That’s over €650 a month or almost €8,000 a year.

There’s nothing like a cold, hard number to focus attention on an issue. The Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) report on the gender gap in(...)

The average total weekly pension income in 2010  was €280 for women and €433 for men. Photograph: iStock

Irish women’s weekly income is €153 less than men in retirement, according to a new study from the ESRI think tank. It found that a combination of sho(...)

Ireland’s heavy emphasis on education has served us well, but some labour market analysts now believe having an overeducated workforce can be bad both for employers and employees

It’s almost a cliché by now to say Ireland has a highly educated workforce. Multinationals choosing to set up operations here almost always cite th(...)

‘Maybe your first in philosophy led to a first-class position cleaning cars, or your master’s in Anglo-Irish literature landed a day job in sorting fish.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Are you one of the many Irish workers who are overeducated for their jobs? One in three of us is, according to new research.Maybe your first in philos(...)