Adam Gopnik

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Open season: Frank McCourt storytelling at the Moth

The Moth, the New York storytelling club that has become a cultural phenomenon, visits Ireland next month for the first time. Since its foundation, in(...)

Henry James: may well have been saying the same thing as contemporary teenagers, though he took longer to get it out. Photograph: Getty

Writing in the New Yorker recently, essayist Adam Gopnik made a strong defence of the teenage habit of punctuating every sentence with such terms as “(...)

Warren Buffett (right) with Bill and Melinda Gates. Gates declared that Business Adventures was his favourite business book, and that he has read it repeatedly since 1991, when his friend Warren Buffett gave him a copy. Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Summertime reading lists are typically heavy on page-turning novels – not a collection of business articles, published as a book in 1969, and long out(...)

Les Frères Jacques on Dame Street. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

It is a given that the French invented restaurants. But when? The accepted story used to be that restaurants were a by-product of the French Revolutio(...)