Police remove a case containing metallic debris found on a beach in Saint-Denis on Reunion Island, close to where where a Boeing 777 wing part believed to belong to missing flight MH370 washed up last week. Photograph: Richard Bouhet/AFP/Getty Images

A second object which was found yesterday and thought at first to be part of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 has been verified as a domes(...)

Police escort  what could be the first piece of  wreckage recovered from missing flight MH370. Photograph: Richard Bouhet/AFP/Getty Images

Investigators in Toulouse are hoping to unlock the mystery of the disappeared Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 as the piece of aircraft wreckage found w(...)

Officers carry debris from an unidentified aircraft apparently washed ashore in Saint-Andre de la Reunion, eastern La Reunion island. Photograph: EPA

Plane debris washed up on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean is almost certainly part of a Boeing 777, a Malaysian official and aviatio(...)