Dr Javid Abdelmoneim with his classroom of kids who are going gender free for six weeks. Photograph: Outline Productions

All that a new BBC documentary had to do to demonstrate our entrenched resistance towards gender equality, it turns out, was to exist in the first pla(...)

Hits and misses: Brendan O’Carroll in Mrs Brown’s Boys

Even the most flapperphobic viewer can see the appeal of Downton Abbey (UTV) on Christmas Day. Nothing much happens that we haven’t seen versions of b(...)

Exceptionally powerful: Dr Javid Abdelmonein of Médecins Sans Frontières in Sierra Leone. Photograph: MSF

Towards the middle of his month-long shift at the Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in Kailahun, in Sierra Leone, Dr Javid Abdelmoneim notes that the (...)