Trinity College Dublin provost Patrick Prendergast: ‘We need to decide here whether we want to reclaim ‘University of Dublin’ or let it slip’

Trinity College Dublin provost Patrick Prendergast has warned staff against being complac(...)

The Bible on the Trinity  crest, closed with clasps, is an image that dates back to the college’s founding in 1592.

The winds of change at Trinity College Dublin have not only swept in a new name for the university in official communications,(...)

Under the college’s so-called identity initiative, TCD will be replaced by the name “Trinity College, the University of Dublin” in all settings other than academic publications. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill.

The changes at Trinity College Dublin in relation to its new brand name and image extend not just to religious symbolism with (...)

The college board approved a logo with the amended title which emphasises the word “university”, an important attraction for international students. Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

Staff and students at Trinity College Dublin have complained about a lack of consultation over a decision by the university to rebrand itself under(...)

Trinity College, Dublin. It is believed the retention of the words “Trinity”, “College” and “Dublin” will mean the institution’s more colloquial name will still show up in search queries for research – important in maintaining TCD’s position in third-level rankings.

The board of Trinity College Dublin has provisionally approved a new name for what is Ireland’s oldest university in a bid to (...)