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Trinity College Dublin’s Prof Kingston Mills: The vaccine  “is the greatest ever medical invention for preventing human diseases”. Photograph: David Sleator

US president Donald Trump is risking lives by raising doubts over social media about the value and safety of vaccines. Vaccines are the greatest medic(...)

In less than an hour, starting with no more than a person’s email address, a researcher in cyber crime was able to retrieve important personal informa(...)

US television presenter Adam Richman before and after his weight-loss dieting, which led to him losing more than 27kg before he posted a photo of himself online with the hashtag #thinspiration.

Adam Richman, the US television host, has always struggled with his weight. Presenting a show called Man v Food in which he has to take on massive eat(...)

Get yourself connected: a conference at NUI Maynooth this week heard what life might be like in a ‘smart city’. Photograph: Getty Images

Be careful what you say over social media in Chicago. Your casual comments could be scrutinised using “sentiment analysis” and you may attract (...)

The British Geological Survey seismogram sensor in Pembrokeshire, England shows a small tremor at about 8.45pm.

Earthquake-prone Co Wexford has been shaken once again, after a minor tremor overnight that reached magnitude 2.2. Yet all the seismic (...)