In Britain, dementia is the most feared health condition among people aged over 55. Photo: iStock

Many governments are woefully unprepared for an epidemic of dementia currently affecting 44 million people worldwide and set to more than treble to 13(...)

No one needs vitamin D supplements unless they stay indoors or wear clothes that cover every inch of skin. Photgraph: Getty Images

Winter has arrived and we can look forward to 10-12 weeks of cold, damp weather with a maximum of eight hours of light a day. Many people take vitamin(...)

Creamy guacamole. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

You share your body with more than 100 trillion bacteria. That’s right. It’s thought that more than 1,000 different species are growing in the gut, an(...)

Adding a few cents to tobacco and alcohol products rakes in revenue and does nothing to change bad health habits. Budget 2014 can do so much more.

WILL TODAY’S budget be good for health or another lost opportunity? Every year the government tinkers with taxation, adding a few cents to the cost of(...)

Eye health: keeping your blood pressure under control is crucial in relation to central retinal vein occlusion which is the second most common vascular cause of significant sight loss after diabetes-related sight loss

Preventable blindness is the new buzz term among eye doctors, many of whom will gather in Dublin later this month (October 25th and 26th) to discuss t(...)

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. The theme is “mental health and older adults” which is a bit odd given that mental health is a lifelong proce(...)

The Health Service Executive is urging people in at-risk groups to get vaccinated against the flu. Photograph: PA

The Health Service Executive is urging people in at-risk groups to get vaccinated against the flu.Those in the at-risk groups are everyone aged 65 and(...)

The new bird flu virus, which was unknown in humans until February, has so far infected at least 133 people in China and Taiwan, killing 43 of them. Photograph: Getty

The first scientific analysis of probable human-to-human transmission of a fatal new strain of bird flu that emerged in China this year gives the stro(...)

Unlike many Irish babies born on the same day, Prince George is practically guaranteed good health for the rest of his life. Not because he is a Princ(...)

Michelle McIntosh, lead researcher of Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, says her group plans to start testing a dry-powdered form of oxytocin by early 2014. Source: Monash University via Bloomberg

A hormone treatment based on technology used in Pfizer’s failed inhalable insulin shows promise in fighting the leading cause of maternal morta(...)

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