Scientists predict that personalised nutrition will provide each of us with perfectly tailored diet plans that work. Photograph: iStock

Were you ever frustrated when a diet plan that helped a friend lose weight didn’t work for you? Scientists working in the emerging field of personali(...)

MagGrow chief executive Gary Wickham

Irish agritech company MagGrow has raised €6 million in a funding round led by a venture capital firm whose co-founder previously led investments in a(...)

MagGrow chief executive Gary Wickham

Dublin-headquartered agritech company MagGrow has raised €3 million in funding. It says the money will be spend to support growth in target markets an(...)

The course is all about the science and culture of beer

It is fast approaching that time of year when the leaves turn golden, the kids go back to school, and you consider taking up an evening class in Greek(...)

A cow with methane-collection equipment on her back. Grass is a cheap way to feed cows, but as  methanogens break  down grass in the stomach they  produce methane,  a potent greenhouse gas Photograph:   Rachel Doyle

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar admitted to the European Parliament in January what climate activists have long known: Ireland’s performance on climate change (...)

Bad apples? Cider made from blemished apples and soaps from discarded orange peels are just some of the products selling fast in a branch of Dutch chain Jumbo. File photograph: Getty Images

First it was a supermarket aisle free of plastics. Now the Netherlands has notched up another novel solution in its fight against waste and pollution (...)

Lucien Laizé gave up his city lifestyle to take over his family’s seed production farm in Saint Martin du Bois, France. To help him during production, he’s found an ally in Oz, Naïo Technologies’s weeding solution

Our countryside will host robotic labourers toiling away on farms, from dusk to dawn. Robots will watch over and tend to crops, while others ag-bots h(...)

Potato blossom: I started planting in February, for even earlier great-flavoured spuds that we can eat in their skins. Illustration: Michael Viney

Down on my knees again, I could be thanking Gaia for sparing the polytunnel from late winter storms but was actually planting potatoes. It’s been good(...)

Dutch inventor Boyan Slat stands on a boat in front of first prototype set up of ‘The Ocean Cleanup’, which is being installed off the Dutch coast near Scheveningen, The Netherlands. Dutch Dredging and Marine experts company ‘Royal Boskalis Westminster’ together with the Dutch government contributeed €1.5 million to the project. ‘The Ocean Cleanup’ according to a description on their website ‘develops advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Photograph: EPA/REMKO DE WAAL

A revolutionary new maritime “vacuum cleaner” which could suck more than 20 billion tonnes of plastic waste out of the world’s oceans – solving one of(...)

Pádraic Flood: ‘I suggested that, for yield increases, we will need to improve the photosynthetic productivity of crops’

Plants turn light into food. So if we could get crops to do that more efficiently, we would get more food, right? So goes the thinking behind a talk b(...)