Porous liquids  contain up to 10,000 times the number of cavities that are found in other liquids.

A new spin-out company set up by scientists from Queen’s University in Belfast and the University of Liverpool, has invented a revolutionary class of (...)

Customs control outside Newry, Co Down, in 1981. Photograph: Pacemaker

Tariffs and a return of customs controls for goods travelling to and from the North seems “inevitable” if the customs union as it stands is abolished,(...)

A dental plaque deposit on this Spanish Neanderthal’s teeth reveals consumption of poplar, a source of aspirin. Photograph: Paleoanthropology Group MNCN-CSIC

A lack of dental care has given researchers an opportunity to see what Neanderthals had for breakfast. The Australian and UK scientists also discove(...)

‘If Barack Obama sniffs his own hand after shaking hands with Enda Kenny, the US president may simply be using his olfactory senses to confirm that the man he’s greeting really is the Taoiseach.’ Photograph: Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

The world’s media smelled a story recently that put a new twist on a simple social interaction between humans. Scientists had discovered that a(...)