Researchers say robo-reporters covering a soccer match could blindly keep score but would miss out on an historic match or a riot.

Robo-journalism, or automated journalism as it is also known, is a piece of software that can take structured data (league tables, crime rates) and tu(...)

Dr Patrick Prendergast: TCD’s membership of the league will have a positive impact on  students. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Trinity College Dublin has become the first Irish university to join a leading network of European research-intensive colleges which includes Oxford a(...)

Dr Anna Marzec of the University of Zurich and her research team have been following a group of Bornean orangutans in the swamp forests of Indonesia’s Mawas Reserve since 2003. File photograph: Getty Images

Two female orangutans have been observed in what turned out to be a fight to the death - the first time such an event has been witnessed among members(...)

Hand-made crowns cannot match the level of precision achieved by new computer-aided design technology

Next time you spot a kid immersed in a video game, pause before uttering a condemnatory remark. The spin-offs from computer gaming are benefiting u(...)

The fifth skull found in Dmanisi: ‘The five Dmanisi individuals are conspicuously different from each other, but not more different than any five modern human individuals.’ Photograph: Guram Bumbiashvili, Georgian National Museum

Do we need to rethink the names of early Homo species? A 1.8-million-year-old skull that turned up in Georgia is prompting a closer look. The skull wa(...)

The Dart of Physics initiative is putting various statements and challenges up on Darts between now and Christmas. Photograph: David Sleator

Over the next eight weeks, physics is catching the Dart. Passengers will get a dose of fun and accessible science during their journey thanks to Dart (...)