Sun coming up the passage at the Winter Solstice, Newgrange

Who built Newgrange and the other Boyne Valley passage tombs – and why? It remains one of archaeology’s most intractable questions. In a renewed effor(...)

John Godfrey: “So, really, the primary, core thinking behind quiet music is that this is a music you choose to engage with, and if you don’t want to it’s not going to shout at you.”

John Godfrey arrived at the University of York as what he calls “a very strait-laced classical musician”. Wilfrid Mellers was still in charge of the(...)

Overwatch loot boxes.  Two loot boxes will cost a player €1.99 in the PlayStation store

If your child has played a digital game they have most likely come across something in-game to buy. More gems, rubies, stars, gold or lives. The cur(...)

Upstairs drawingroom at number 45 Donore Avenue, Dublin 8

The site on which 45 Donore Avenue – an end-of-terrace Victorian in Dublin 8 – stands was given to Adelaide Hamilton in 1883 by her father under the s(...)

The report also warns that people in the east Mediterranean face a threat ‘markedly higher than in Africa and southeast Asia’ Photograph: iStock

Rising temperatures as a result of climate change are already exposing populations to an unacceptably high health risk, with older people in parts of (...)

Senator Grace O’Sullivan (Green Party), who introduced a Bill in Seanad two years ago proposing a ban on microplastics in Ireland, said the study illustrated the scale of the plastics problem. Photograph: Getty Images

Microplastics have been found in human stools for the first time, suggesting the tiny particles may be widespread in food. Responding to the findings(...)

Belgian authorities declared some loot box systems to be illegal gambling and compelled major game developers to remove such features in games sold in the country. Above, gamers play the video game Star Wars Battlefront II  during the Paris Games Week last year. Photograph: Chesnot/Getty Images

The Government has signed an international declaration expressing concern about gambling in video games which many experts view as a gateway for child(...)

“On a fundamental level people do not feel great sympathy for people who inject drugs.”

Years after beating his heroin addiction, Martin scored in a football match in front of his young son. What should have been a moment of intense pride(...)

Pollution from traffic fumes can be as bad for people’s happiness as bereavement or divorce, according to a study.  File photograph: Victoria Jones/PA Wire

Pollution from traffic fumes can be as bad for people’s happiness as bereavement or divorce, according to a study. Academics at the University of Yo(...)

Radiocarbon dating of the bear’s knee bone, one of some 15,000 bones found in the cave, confirmed it was 12,500 years old. Photograph: James Connolly

A study of an animal bone discovered in a Co Clare cave more than a century ago has led archaeologists to push back the date when they believe humans (...)

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