Pitkin County volunteer election official John Ortega (left), guides a voter as he drops his ballot after voting in person on the first day of early voting at the Aspen Jewish Community Center earlier this week. Photograph: Kelsey Brunner/The Aspen Times/AP

More than 84,000 people were diagnosed with Covid-19 across the United States on Friday, according to a Reuters tally, a record one-day increase in in(...)

“Many of the people who are terrifying kids about screens, they have hit a vein of attention from society and they are going to ride that. But that is super bad for society.” Photograph: iStock

It has become common wisdom that too much time spent on smartphones and social media is responsible for a recent spike in anxiety, depression and othe(...)

‘For improving depressed mood state, exercise of any intensity appears helpful.’ Photograph: iStock

For women with serious depression, a single session of exercise can change the body and mind in ways that might help to combat depression over time, a(...)

Three out of every 10,000 people report ‘undesired awareness’ from non-general anaesthesia. Photograph: iStock

The doctor ordered a “push” on my sedative, and I succumbed to the sweet blackness. But then something went wrong, and I was awake too soon, flailing(...)

Image: Screenshot of PDF of note released by Government.

The following is the redacted version of a briefing note about Vicky Phelan’s High Court case sent to Minister for Health Simon Harris on April 16th. (...)

New evidence from Cork does not support the thesis the IRA engaged in a sectarian campaign during the War of Independence, a history conference has he(...)

Mike Conneally: December 4th, 1931- February 17th, 2017. Above, with  his wife, Mary
Obituary: Mike Conneally
  • People
  • March 11, 2017, 05:30

Patrick Michael (Mike) Conneally, distinguished professor emeritus of medical and molecular genetics at the medical school of Indiana University, has (...)

July 1968: Ringo Starr and George Harrison with a model of a Blue Meanie, a character from the animated film ‘Yellow Submarine’ created by Al Brodax: born: Febuary 14th, 1926; died: November 24th, 2016. Photograph: Central Press/Getty Images)
Obituary: Al Brodax
  • People
  • December 2, 2016, 16:01

Al Brodax, a television producer who delivered an enduring psychedelic classic when he turned the Beatles song Yellow Submarine into an animated film(...)

The treatment has been shown to work in mice and is ready for human trials. File photograph: Getty Images

Researchers at University College Cork have found a way to halt a disease that causes blindness by using a drug from the contraceptive pill. The tre(...)

Demonstrators protest Donald Trump’s election  in Union Square, Manhattan, New York City. Photograph: Yana Paskova/New York Times

A second round of protests was planned across the US on Thursday - a day after thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of big cities after Dona(...)

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