The body mass index formula may be simple – take your weight (in kilograms), and divide by the square of your height (in metres) – but is it worth using?

There are few single measures in healthcare that seem to carry as much weight as body mass index, or BMI. We encounter it not just at doctors’ offices(...)

“Frobisher’s gold” is still washing ashore. Photograph: Courtesy of  The Cherish Project

A number of summers ago, my father Tom Finn and I scrambled down a cliff – we called it abseiling – at Smerwick Harbour in Co Kerry in search of gold.(...)

Justin Trudeau: He and his team mounted a frantic late effort to secure votes – but it was too late. Photograph:  Dave Chan/AFP via Getty Images

When Justin Trudeau was first elected in 2015, he promised that his victory would help Canada vault back on to the world stage, and reclaim a global i(...)

A scientific study found the richness of bumblebee species declined rapidly between 2000 and 2014. File photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

An unexpected visitor appeared in the back garden a couple of weeks ago, a foraging bumblebee. Is this a record, I thought to myself, given it was sti(...)

Syrian family Zuhair Fakir, his wife Angham and their daughter Lorca, who were selected for resettlement from Lebanon as part of the State’s pilot community sponsorship programme and now live in Dunshaughlin, Co Meath. Photograph: Seamus Farrelly/UNHCR

Ireland has been named the first ever winner of an international award for promoting community sponsorship as means of providing housing to refugee fa(...)

Appetites change during periods of hot weather, with salads being a popular choice of sustenance. Photographs: iStock

You know all those wonderful things a heatwave will do to a landscape? Obliterating flaws, flattening tedium, idealising the quotidian with sudden con(...)

Most optical devices use linear material, as for example with glass, where light of a certain brightness is transmitted through the material and emerges from it at the same intensity.

A new photonic material developed with the help of a scientist based in Cork has the potential to ensure significantly higher internet speeds with sim(...)

Some 33 per cent of recently diagnosed asthma patients did not have the condition, according to new research. Photograph: Martin Barraud/Getty Images

A third of people recently diagnosed with asthma do not have the condition, research suggests. Some people may be misdiagnosed with asthma while othe(...)

 Dr Harold Atkins  from the University of Ottawa in Canada, a  member of the research team that has been using a radical treatment that can halt progression of aggressive multiple sclerosis and even reverse its symptoms. Photograph: Trevor Lush/Ottawa Hospital/PA Wire

A radical treatment that wipes out and then regenerates the immune system can halt progression of aggressive multiple sclerosis (MS) and even reverse (...)

Dr Tim Aubry of the University of Ottawa will meet housing officials in Dublin City Council.

A radical Canadian experiment to tackle homelessness has resulted in significant savings across hospital, mental health, criminal justice and addicti(...)

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