Though painted eggs were given as gifts, the tradition of chocolate Easter eggs didn’t emerge until the early 19th century

You may already have eaten a coop’s worth of Easter eggs this weekend, but have you ever wondered why eggs are associated with this time of year? Unco(...)

Sheikh Hassan Hassan at his home in Lincoln: “After what happened back home, we lost our land, we lost our home, we didn’t have anything left. People said, ‘If someone dies over here, what are we going to do?’” Photograph: Andrew Dickinson/The New York Times

They came to America seeking the freedom to pray and work in peace. But in death, many hoped to be buried among the hills of their homeland, in northe(...)

Classical pianist Finghin Collins. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

When a retired US chemical engineering professor and Connemara resident realised he had a terminal illness, he decided to leave the people of his adop(...)