Kathleen Lonsdale (photographed in 1943) was made professor of chemistry at University College London in 1949, the first woman professor at the university. Photograph: The Irish Times

A new weekly series for Irish Times Abroad profiles an Exraordinary Emigrant from Irish history, based on entries from the Royal Irish Academy’s Dicti(...)

Lisa O’Leary in Brussels, where she works in communications and collaborates with the Irish Theatre Group. Photograph: Lara Maysa

Working Abroad Q&A: Each week, Irish Times Abroad meets an Irish person working in an interesting job overseas. This week, Lisa O’Leary, from Cork(...)

Retiring professors have been replaced by part-time teaching staff on precarious contracts with few supports, teaching to large lecture theatres packed full of students. Photograph: iStock

By any measure the Irish third level sector is in financial crisis and students are being shortchanged. In the near-decade since the recession, Irish(...)

Margaret Turner-Warwick was one of only two women professors of medicine in London when appointed in 1972

When Margaret Turner-Warwick, who has died aged 92, entered the field of respiratory medicine in the 1950s, it was a time of great change. Effective t(...)

 ‘Fantasist’ Michael Cremin posed as a barrister to trick the terminal cancer sufferer out of her life savings.  Photograph: Gloucestershire Police /PA Wire

A “fantasist” who posed as a barrister to trick a woman with terminal cancer out of her life savings has been jailed for eight years. Michael Cremin,(...)

Barry Johnston: working to secure the right to education for girls all over the world, and cooking up a storm in London

Barry Johnston works at The Malala Fund in London, where he is associate director of advocacy. The Malala Fund was set up by Nobel Prize laureate Mala(...)

21-year-old Sara Zelenak from Australia was  confirmed dead on Tuesday after becoming separated from friends during the terror attack on Saturday night. Photograph: Facebook

All eight people known to have died in the London terror attack have been named. The Metropolitan Police said all of the 15 victims currentl(...)

Christine Archibald, originally from Castlegar, British Columbia, is seen in an undated photo released by her family. Photograph: Handout via Reuters

A Canadian woman killed in the London terror attack would have had “no understanding of the callous cruelty that caused her death”, her family said as(...)

Facing up or down? It’s the fluid in your ear canals that makes the front of the cabin look higher when you tilt backwards at takeoff. Photograph: EPA

One of the most famous letters of philosophy was written by Dubliner William Molyneux on July 7th, 1688. It was addressed to the enlightenment thinker(...)

A study published in the British Medical Journal looked at the health records of 1.93 million UK adults who were all free of cardiovascular disease at the start.  Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Moderate drinking may be good for your heart and even heavy drinking may lower your risk of heart attack, a new study indicates. Moderate drinking is(...)

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