Covid screens: a barrier can help a shop assistant avoid a direct hit, but the particles are still in the room, posing a risk to the assistant and others. Photograph: John Macdougall/AFP via Getty

Covid-19 precautions have turned many parts of our world into a giant salad bar, with plastic barriers separating sales assistants from shoppers, divi(...)

Dr. Jane Newburger speaks to Sierra Trudeau, and her mother, Heather at Boston Children’ss Hospital. Photograph: Maddie Malhotra/The New York Times

Will Grogan stared blankly at his biology classwork. It was material he had mastered the day before, but it looked utterly unfamiliar. “I don’t know (...)

Some 17 per cent of total global energy use currently comes from renewables. Even allowing for rapid ongoing adaption of clean energy, it appears implausible that such ongoing increases in energy – and resource – consumption could occur without triggering catastrophic destabilisation of our planetary life support systems. Photograph: Getty Images

More than any other single factor, the defining characteristic of the modern era has been humanity’s use of cheap, plentiful energy. In the 20th centu(...)

AMD is the leading cause of irreversible blindness among over 50s in Ireland and in high-income countries. Photograph: iStock

Air pollution in urban areas is linked to heightened risk of progressive and irreversible sight loss known as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), (...)

Covid exposure: the researchers’s online calculator,, lets users explore their risk of becoming infected indoors via airborne particles alone, with and without masks. Photograph: E+/iStock/Getty

Speaking to a friend when infected with coronavirus could be as dangerous as coughing near them thanks to lingering particles, new research suggests. (...)

 Lockdowns to stop the spread of coronavirus caused huge falls in transport use, as well as reductions in industry and commercial operations. Photograph: Tim Goode/PA Wire

The global lockdown will have a “negligible” impact on rising temperatures but a green recovery could avert dangerous climate change, a study has said(...)

Emma Mackey. Photograph: Joel Saget/AFP via Getty

Lockdown arrived at a busy time for The Sex education actor. She is about to be everywhere Some parts of the French film industry have, it seems(...)

President Donald Trump speaks about the coronavirus in the Rose Garden of the White House on Tuesday. Photograph: AP

President Donald Trump’s decision to halt US funding to the World Health Organisation has triggered heavy criticism at home and abroad for depriving t(...)

A new study  found  that novice exercisers start to experience less desire for fattening foods, a change that could have long-term implications for weight control. Photograph: iStock

Taking up exercise could alter our feelings about food in surprising and beneficial ways, according to a compelling new study of exercise and eating. (...)

Washing clothes at 20 degrees rather than 40 degrees saves approximately 66% of the energy used per load. Photograph: iStock

Washing clothes in colder water for less time is less damaging for the planet than using hotter, longer washes, according to academic research publish(...)

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