Exercising in the morning is more effective than post-3pm workouts for losing weight, a new US study has found. Photograph: iStock

People who exercise in the morning seem to lose more weight than people completing the same workouts later in the day, according to a new study of wor(...)

 Republican congressional candidate Troy Balderson gives a victory speech at his election night party in Newark, Ohio. Photograph:  Justin Merriman/Getty Images

Republican candidates backed by US president Donald Trump clung to small leads in closely watched races in Ohio and Kansas on Wednesday, with the nar(...)

Nick Carswell: 'I am not the stereotypical immigrant in the US. As a white person, I enjoy a very real privilege in America... I might almost pass for a US citizen. But I am not.'

In January 2017, a week into Donald Trump’s term as president, I was waiting to board a flight at Kansas City International airport when I received an(...)

 Andy and Kate Spade who married 24 years ago and started the brand Kate Spade together in 1993. File photograph: Getty Images

Andy Spade, the husband of designer Kate Spade, who died of what police characterised as suicide this week, said Wednesday that she had suffered from (...)

A specimen of the Chimerarachne yingi, an ancient relative of spiders that had a long, whip-like tail. Photograph: University of Kansas/KU News Service

It’s the stuff of prehistoric nightmares. Eight legs. Fangs. And a whip-like tail. Call it Chimerarachne yingi, a newly-discovered arachnid found en(...)

Free speech on college campuses is under threat from advancing political correctness, which increasingly dictates that the right not to be offended is given priority over freedom of speech. File photograph: iStock

Robust debate, challenging ideas, dissenting opinion and free speech. These are the central tenets of campus life - helping young people to broaden t(...)

St Patrick surrounded by visiting Spanish students in Dublin in advance of the parade of Friday’s parade. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The luck of the Irish doesn’t always hold weather-wise on St Patrick’s Day but Dublin has been enjoying glorious spring sunshine in the run-up to this(...)

Potent: dandelions that inhaled twice as much carbon dioxide as usual increased in size, had 83 per cent more flowers, and developed even better parachutes for spreading their seeds. Illustration: Michael Viney

Towards the end of the drought that struck the west for much of early spring, a university geography professor shared with me a photograph he h(...)