Niall Moloney and PowCow

Niall Moloney is a dietician who specialises in sports and exercise nutrition so his world generally revolves around healthy eating. But he admits to (...)

Chelsea and Ireland defender Niamh Fahey. Photograph: Gary Carr/Inpho

There aren’t many Irish sportswomen who have enjoyed as much success as Niamh Fahey. Fahey (28) was a member of the Galway team that won its first sen(...)

A young magician levitates his female assistant on Fleet Street, Dublin in April 1961. Photograph: The Irish Times

Magicians fool their audiences by unwittingly causing them to blink at key moments in a show, research has revealed. One of the oldest tricks in the (...)

In a vivid dream state, it can seem you are being attacked by a supernatural or alien entity. Photograph: Getty Images

You might not believe in ghosts, fairies or devils, but they’re hard to avoid at Halloween. Belief in such entities is often dismissed as irrationa(...)

Robot stories were in the news, as a Japanese hotel opened with a staff of 80 robots. Photograph: Akio Kon/Bloomberg

We’re more than halfway through the year, and there are a few patterns emerging with Old Moore’s predictions. He’s very fond of space, robots, cele(...)

Some 86 per cent of those who slept less than an inch apart described themselves as being happy with their relationship. Photograph: Getty Images

The position you take while asleep in bed provides clues about the quality of the relationship with your partner. The researcher behind (...)

Prof Richard Wiseman: ‘more to luck than luck’.

Is luck a matter of luck? That question has perplexed philosophers, writers and psychologists for millennia. The old maxim that luck happens when prep(...)