Passangers arriving at Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Vantaa, Finland, on  Septemper 19th. Photograph: Kimmo Brandt/EPA

Sweden may have hogged the international headlines over its handling of Covid-19, but its Nordic neighbour to the east may be just as interesting. Fi(...)

Brendan Humphreys and his son Kolia in Helsinki

Working Abroad Q&A: Brendan Humphreys,  originally from Coolock in Dublin,  now lives in Helsinki, where he is a researcher and lecturer(...)

‘Forests and wood-based products offer sustainable, long-term solutions to the climate-change problem,’ says Prof Pekka Kauppi of the University of Helsinki.

Given the urgent need to address “the climate emergency” and the role forestry could play in reducing carbon emissions, a new approach is needed, acco(...)

A discovery made by scientists in Ireland provides fresh insight on how spectacular solar storms arise

A discovery made by scientists in Ireland provides fresh insight on how spectacular solar storms ariseand may soon enable more accurate forecasts of w(...)

Taking at least three weeks of holiday each year could help you live longer, a study has found. Researchers said a healthy diet and regular exercise (...)

Would-be immigrants sit atop a border fence separating Morocco from the north African Spanish enclave of Melilla. Photograph:   Angela Rios/AFP/Getty Images

As our ferry approaches the North African coastline, an idyllic backdrop comes into view. The autonomous city of Melilla, with its 500-year-old citade(...)

Kildinan Pre-school located on Miina Murphy’s family farm in Kildinan, Co Cork. Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

It’s an old joke, with more than an element of truth, that a small child presented with some expensive toy finds longer-lasting pleasure playing with (...)

Lightneer’s Peter Vesterbacka and some of the characters from ‘Big Bang Legends’.

Given how notoriously reserved the Finns are, it is highly possible you may not know just how successful their gaming sector is. But even they can’t h(...)

The headquarters of Glencore International in Switzerland. Photograph: Bloomberg

On the night of September 6th, 2015, Juliette Kenyala awoke to the crunch of heavy vehicles rolling across the red dirt and coming to a halt outside h(...)

Eva Johanna Holmberg: was told she had a month to leave the  UK by the British home office. Photograph: Queen Mary University of London

The British home office has apologised after it mistakenly sent up to 100 letters to EU nationals living in the UK ordering them to leave the country (...)

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