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Earlier this month there was a news story about a new gadget called a “DogPhone”. It looks like a soft ball. The idea is that the dog at home dec(...)

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell says there were upsides to not winning the Nobel Prize – “Once you win a Nobel prize, you won’t get any other prize.”

When Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell “stumbled on something new” during her PhD studies at Cambridge University, she was about to make what the Royal Societ(...)

The Violence Reduction Unit is believed to have played a part in the 50% fall in Glasgow knife injuries. Photograph:  Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

When it comes to the blunt force injury, Monday is peak time in Scotland’s emergency departments. “Stuff happens over the weekend and it can take unti(...)

In 1864, Kelvin estimated the Earth’s age by treating it as a sphere with molten rocks in its interior, gradually cooling by loss of heat from the surface

In 1650 the Earth was 4,654 years old. In 1864 it was 100 million years old. In 1897 the upper limit was revised to 40 million years. Currently we bel(...)

“It is time to turn down the heat of the rhetoric and turn up the light of scientific inquiry if we are to be better prepared to stem the next pandemic.” Photograph: Getty Images

There is no scientifically-validated evidence to support the theory that Covid-19 leaked from a laboratory in China, while more recent studies strongl(...)

Illustration: iStock/Getty

A global surge in the number of young people with the complex condition of gender dysphoria has divided professionals on how the medical system can(...)

 Prof Suresh C Pillai: “Our body is an effective power source: activities of daily living such as brisk walking or regular movement can produce electricity using nanotechnology methods”

Imagine you could use energy created by your jacket or trousers to power your mobile phone or Fitbit? A team of scientists from Ireland and Scotland w(...)

Pat and John Hume at the launch of Bertie Ahern’s autobiography in Dublin. File photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

Pat Hume can move mountains. She had to scale so many obstacles working alongside her husband John during times of great personal and political risk. (...)

Image issued by the University of St Andrews of a new circle discovered near Stonehenge. Photograph: University of St Andrews/PA

A team of archaeologists have discovered a major new prehistoric monument just a short distance away from Stonehenge in England. Fieldwork and analys(...)

Felisa Gonzalez looks at her mother, Maria Maillo, through the window during a visit to a nursing home in Barcelona, Spain. Photograph:  David Ramos/Getty Images

Across Europe, coronavirus has ravaged homes for the elderly, raising questions about why the part of society most vulnerable to the disease was overl(...)

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