A 16th century brewhouse  at the Weald and Downland museum in West Suxxex. “We want to understand how stone masons could drink 14 pints of beer and build cathedrals”

A five-year inter-disciplinary study into the diet and eating habits of Irish communities in the 16th and 17th century aims to bust some myths about t(...)

Traditional clapping and whooping can pose an issue for students with autism and other conditions. Photograph: Getty

Students at Manchester University, one of the biggest universities in the United Kingdom, have voted to ban clapping, whooping and cheering at student(...)

What if the entrapment process catches people who would not have tried to have sex with a child but who instead were engaging in fantasy?

Suppose that one evening you park your car, but when you get out to leave the carpark you are confronted by a group of people with a camera. They tel(...)

The Famine sculpture in Dublin. “Incremental dentine collagen analysis” can show what children’s diet was like during the Famine. File photograph: Frank Miller

The teeth of children who died during the Famine carry a hidden history of their short lives and tragic deaths. Chemical analysis of the teeth using a(...)