Good light is why the onset of spring feels so pivotal – it certainly isn’t the temperature. Photograph: iStock

Like prisoners waiting to be released from winter, we have been willing spring on for months now, watching for signs. The hours of light are growing a(...)

Teacher Rebecca Adamson’s children have built their shoeboxes online and personalised them with colouring sheets.

“The Team Hope shoebox appeal is an annual appeal which encourages individuals, friends, families, schools, communities and businesses to donate gift-(...)

HIIT has become a trendy if controversial way to work out. Photograph: iStock

People who have never tried intense interval training might be surprised to find that the workouts can be more appealing than they anticipate, accordi(...)

 Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland ranked number one in health under new Times Higher Education social impact rankings. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Irish universities have performed strongly in a new global ranking which measures their social and economic impact. The Times Higher Education on Wed(...)

A small study by the University of British Columbia and the University of Lisbon showed that 26 of 45 participants throws some interesting light on couple spying

I know someone who admitted to using their partner’s finger to unlock Touch ID while they were asleep. They then scrolled through their messages for e(...)

Siobhan Freeney’s blog promotes awareness of breast density as well as the relevance of supplemental breast screening

Lifestyle blogs are ten a penny, but well-informed health blogs are hard to find. Siobhan Freeney’s Being Dense is an Irish blog aiming to raise aware(...)

Genetic counselling is about trying to explain the condition, how it’s inherited and to explain any genetic testing results. Photograph: iStock

Coming to terms with a genetic illness in the family can leave a person with many questions. What does this mean for me? What does this mean for my ch(...)

A Canadian flag on the ferry to Bowen Island near Vancouver, Canada. File photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Some Irish students spending the summer in Vancouver, Canada, have been accused of urinating on dancefloors and absconding from restaurants and rental(...)

Ganoderma applanatum or artists’ conk mushrooms.

The medicinal use of mushrooms in Asian culture is widely known, but what is less known is that some of the most potent Asian medicinal mushrooms grow(...)

Although cows at grass have better welfare than those housed indoors, Prof Daniel Weary warns against assuming that once cows are outside all welfare issues are resolved. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

As marketing goes, having Beyonce and Jay Z on your side is the stuff of dreams. To the delight of vegans, the pair took to social media recently to p(...)

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