An artist’s impression of the five rocky planets close to earth-sized orbiting the star Kepler-444. Illustration by Tiago Campante/Peter Devine

Planet-hunting astronomers have found a star orbited by no fewer than five earth-sized planets. The find is even more unusual however because this dis(...)

Fresh attempts are being made to teach moral character in the classroom. Photograph: David Sleator

Parents and educators are increasingly asking how best they can pass on values to young people in the absence of religion. Commonly, the discussion(...)

Martin Slumbers who will take over as Chief Executive of the R&A from Peter Dawson in October 2015.

The R&A has announced the appointment of Martin Slumbers as Chief Executive and also as Secretary of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews(...)

Dr Ginevra Castellano with one of her ‘emphatic robotic tutors’. Photograph: University of Birmingham

The next generation of robots is going to have a new mix of talents, capable of teaching students the delights of maths or working as a care giver in (...)

Albert Einstein predicted that large gravitational objects would distort spacetime and kick off gravity waves but none have been detected directly so far. Photograph: Getty

There are waves that wash across the universe but they have nothing to do with water. They are generated by massive star explosions and scientists are(...)

Both the Irish Rugby Football Union and the International Rugby Board have recently put in place protocols to assess the severity of head shocks. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Two researchers from the University of Birmingham have unveiled a series of biological tests to diagnose concussions in sports injuries. Prof Tony Bel(...)

A section of the stone circle of Stonehenge near Amesbury, England: Laser-based topography was used to map the site to an unprecedented accuracy, but a new survey also used radar and magnetometers to see metres down below the surface. Photograph: Andrew Testa/the New York Times

The most comprehensive analysis yet undertaken of the Stonehenge neolithic site has revealed hundreds of new discoveries. More information about a h(...)

Research shows a component of the immune system that tackles bacterial infections becomes weakened after the death of someone close like a spouse. This could last for as long as a year, as seen in an older person’s poor immune response after receiving the flu vaccine. Photograph: Getty

Older people who die soon after the passing of a loved one may not be dying of a broken heart. Research suggests they are succumbing to a broken immun(...)

Off for a spot of lunch, are we?  Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Social media and the apps we use to communicate with friends are getting close to revealing what we had for breakfast, or more accurately, dinner. Com(...)

Scientists have compiled an international inventory of wild plants to be saved to protect the genetic health of food crops.

Scientists have put together an international inventory of wild plants that must be saved to protect the genetic health of important food crops. Unfor(...)

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