Whining colleagues have been found to be a leading source of annoyance to colleagues in a survey of office habits. Photograph: iStock

Having a moan can be a conversational ice-breaker. A trouble shared lightens our mental load and facilitates gaining other perspectives. Having a rant(...)

BCAAs are popular with fitness enthusiasts, especially weight trainers and bodybuilders, because they are widely claimed to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Photograph: iStock

In 2012, the British Medical Journal Open published the findings of a team, led by Dr Carl Heneghan of Oxford University, assessing the evidence suppo(...)

Miss Arkansa Savvy Shields reacts after being named  Miss America in Atlantic City. Photograph: Noah K Murray/AP Photo

The winner of the Miss America beauty pageant has issued some advice to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: compromise. Savvy Shields had been Miss Ame(...)