A basking shark, a species that frequents Irish coastal waters.

A 2020 survey of Irish citizens found 92 per cent “strongly agreed” more action needs to be taken to improve the health of the ocean. Now is their cha(...)

A basking shark feeding off the Co Donegal coast. Photograph: Alan Cranston

The process of scaling up designation of marine protected areas (MPAs) in Ireland to 30 per cent of maritime area over the next decade will begin in e(...)

English social geographer Danny Dorling says we are already experiencing a slowdown in terms of population, fertility and even GDP. Photograph:  Simone Padovani/ Awakening/Getty Images

You’d think that there couldn’t be a better time to write a book about the benefits of slowing down but the great irony of Danny Dorling’s new book, S(...)

The extreme temperature increases varied across Co Dublin, with Casement Aerodrome having 20% more extreme events, and Phoenix Park 7% compared to a baseline period of 1981-2010.   Photograph: Getty Images

Analysis of 40 years of Dublin’s temperature records shows extreme temperature events have increased by up to 20 per cent in just eight years. The f(...)

School climate strikers deliver key election demands: Conor Slattery (17), Réiltín Courtney (14), Mya Farrell on ladder (13) and Chaya Smyth (14). They are with Kevin Farrell and Oisin Coghlan.

Frustration is mounting among young people at the lack of political action on the climate crisis and a sidetracking of the issue during the election c(...)

Prof Jennifer McElwain  (right) and Dr Claire Belcher, with plants in a carbon dioxide atmosphere chamber, as part of the programme for experimental atmosphere and climate, at UCD Thornfield.  Photograph: Eric Luke

You are a paleobotanist – what does that mean? “Paleo” means old and “botany” means the scientific study of plants. So I study fossil plants, many (...)

Many people believe they live further away from potential flood risk areas than is actually the case, a new Irish study has found. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times.

Many people believe they live further away from potential flood risk areas than is actually the case, a new Irish study has found. While conducting i(...)

Flood defences in Holland. Making space for floodwaters is the concept now being pursued by the Dutch becuase it affords greater protection by seeking to replicate natural processes.

Arising from the wettest December ever recorded in most parts, many of our rivers have spread across their flood plains, exposing people and propertie(...)

The indirect Brainstem Activity Monitor developed by Prof John Sheridan and Dr James Ryle, makes no direct contact with the eye, is portable and can deliver a fast, reliable result.

A team of engineers in UCD has won an award for the commercial potential of a device that allows medics to monitor brainstem activity or alertness by(...)

Siobhán McDonald, associate artist-in-residence at the school of science in UCD. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Methods used by Irish monks in AD 500 to write and embellish their manuscripts are finding new use in the creation of modern art. Burned bone, crushed(...)

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