Dr Richard McGee, assistant professor of fintech at the UCD School of Business: ‘Fintech, the fusion of finance, data and technology, is transforming financial services.’ Photograph:  Shane O’Neill/Coalesce

The new UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School MSc in financial data science programme is aimed at equipping students for a career addressing th(...)

  UCD Smurfit School graduates reported an 81 per cent increase in their salaries

A UCD international management course has been named third best in the world in the highly-regarded ranking by the Financial Times (FT). It is the hig(...)

A view of the UCD Smurfit School

A global reputation for delivering an outstanding quality of education and producing the next generation of business leaders is just one of the many r(...)

‘Drop extraneous activities not specifically related to the end goal and remove the clutter of unnecessary check-ins, meetings or zoom calls’. Photograph: Getty Images.

Covid-19 has given crisis management a work out on an unprecedented scale, and it’s not over yet. For many businesses, the goalposts are still moving (...)

Best practice for management is to respect boundaries, not least because many people are juggling caring responsibilities with working from home.

“The last six months have been like playing a game of chess where all the pieces can move in any direction, even the pawns,” says one middle manager i(...)

In any workplace it’s a fine line between being co-operative and getting dumped on. Photograph: Getty Images

If you say yes to every request at work you’ll most likely end up overstretched and grumpy. If you say no every time you’re asked, you’ll get a reputa(...)