Greenpeace activists illuminate the arena complex during the COP24 summit in Katowice, Poland. Photograph: Andrzej Grygiel/EPA

It’s time to have a difficult conversation about the lifestyle of wealthy people – those who drive big cars, frequently fly business class and have tw(...)

“Any world leaders who thought they could hit the snooze button have been given a final wake-up call.” Photograph: Sascha Steinbach/EPA

Increasing coal, oil and gas use are pushing global carbon emissions to an all-time high, climate scientists have told the UN climate talks in Katowic(...)

Global march toward clean energy still isn’t happening fast enough to avoid dangerous global warming. Photograph: Brandon Thibodeaux/The New York Times

Greenhouse gas levels have reached new record highs, prompting experts to warn “the window of opportunity for action is almost closed” to tackle clima(...)

Europe needs to “urgently get off gas”, if it is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global warming – and to comply with internatio(...)

Naomi Klein: the commitment to perpetual growth is incompatible with planetary limits. Photograph: Getty Images

‘The climate crisis, by presenting the species with an existential crisis and putting us on a firm and unyielding science-based deadline, might just b(...)

 Barack Obama makes a statement on the climate agreement in the  White House after its adoption  at the World Climate Change Conference  (COP21). Photograph: Dennis Brack / EPA

World leaders have hailed the 11th-hour climate deal reached in Paris on Saturday, claiming it provides the “best chance we have” of saving the planet(...)

Models of pandas form part of an environmental protest  near  St Peter’s  Basilica in the  Vatican City. Its lights were turned off for 60 minutes on Saturday to raise awareness of the danger of global climatic change. Photograph: EPA/Angelo Carconi

Millions of people will go hungry due to climate change cutting food production worldwide by 2 per cent per decade even as the demand for food (...)

Plants, reptiles such as the iguana and particularly amphibians are expected to be at highest risk from runaway global warming. Photograph: Alan Betson

Almost two-thirds of common plants and half of the most common species of animals could suffer a “dramatic decline” this century due to runaway(...)