While the majority of neurons are already in place at the time of birth, neuron production continues in certain brain regions. Photograph: iStock

Common wisdom holds that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. It is a handy excuse to apply if you have a recalcitrant older dog who refuses to do i(...)

Prof Matthew Walker: “Regular sleep – seven to eight hours a night – is the best method to maintain brain and body health. We are the only species which deliberately deprives ourselves of sleep.”

Two-thirds of adults in the developed world don’t get the World Health Organisation’s recommended eight hours’ sleep per night, according to Matthew W(...)

Magic number: 66  is the magic number, plus or minus a few practices,  to break bad or  build good habits.  Photograph: iStock

I know that I should floss my teeth but I don’t – even though some times I spit blood after brushing them. From time to time I have had a run of flos(...)

Illustration: Thinkstock

You know that look. The one your wife gives you when you tell her your plans to scoot off to France to watch Ireland play in Euro 2016. The brows fur(...)

From left, Prof Shane O’Mara, Dr Áine Kelly and Dr Sabina Brennan took part in Trinity College Dublin’s week-long focus on memory.  Photograph: Sharpix

How does our memory work? What can we do to keep it in good shape? Can we actually prevent a decline in memory? These were just some of the questions(...)

A new website and app called Hello Brain, developed by researchers at Trinity College Dublin, offers suggestions for daily conditioning tips or “brain buffs”

Do you brush your teeth every day to keep them in good working order? Chances are that you do. But do you also consciously take steps to protect your (...)

Sleep problems in older adults often go undiagnosed and untreated. Photograph: Getty Images

Our sleep is constantly changing and evolving in complex ways throughout our lives. Newborn babies typically sleep for 15-18 hours every day. S(...)

Fay Wray in King Kong: what is it about scary movies that makes us want to watch them despite the fact they disturb us?

What is it about scary movies that makes us want to watch them despite the fact they are so disturbing? Ghastly things happen and we can get scared ou(...)