The “cure” involved a rubber ball, filled with carbolic acid, the fumes of which users inhaled to flush any badness out of their systems. Photograph: iStock

When advertisers make grandiose claims for a product, suggesting it will increase your longevity or make you sexually irresistible, or whatever, they (...)

Annie Besant filled halls across Britain as one of the National Secular Society’s most effective public speakers, and worked as a journalist for the National Reformer.

In 1874, Annie Besant left her controlling husband and reinvented herself as one of Victorian Britain’s leading activists. Fifteen years later, she re(...)

Tony Oursler’s Imponderable explores the occult in a sprawling show at MoMA that takes in Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini and a cast of mediums, ghosts and spirits

On a recent trip to Munich I was transported by the collection of works by the Blue Rider group at the Lenbachhaus. The artists, which included Wassil(...)