Millennials’ lack of car buying has simply been down to them not having enough access to ready cash.

The sudden, sharp drop in interest in car ownership has had the global car industry spooked for more than a decade. The lack of desire for vehicle ow(...)

A major American study has confirmed what Irish students have long suspected – hotter weather negatively affects exam performance. Researchers at sev(...)

Torch-bearing white nationalists rally around a statue of Robert E Lee, the Confederate general, near the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville. Photograph: Edu Bayer/The New York Times

Eight years ago, as the nation’s first black president took office, pundits debated whether Barack Obama’s election marked the rise of a “post-racial (...)

At the end of 2016, some 39 per cent of Irish internet users were relying on ad-blocking software.

Adblocking software not only hits small and medium-sized publishers’ revenues but also their internet traffic, according to new research. A White Pap(...)