A clinic doctor collects sample for coronavirus testing from motorcyclist at a Covid-19 screening facility at Clinic Ajwa near a mural depicting medical frontlines in Shah Alam, Selangor state, Malaysia, on Saturday. Photograph: AP Photo/Vincent Thian

Officials have learned a lot since last winter when a cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown origin was reported in China Maria van Kerkhove was (...)

A team of experts at the University of Oxford are working to develop a vaccine that could prevent people from getting Covid-19. Photograph: Sean Elias/PA Wire

There’s enormous pressure on authorities to solve the Covid-19 pandemic. A vaccine is one potential solution. In July, US president Donald Trump toure(...)

 Rupert Murdoch:   between them, Trump and Murdoch have helped to make the US the epicentre of the pandemic. Photograph:  Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The comparison of the coronavirus crisis to a war is worse than useless. But it does prompt a question: if this were a war, who should be put on trial(...)

Research found that only certain foods triggers this snoozing response, with protein-rich foods and salty foods both encouraging a “food coma”, but not sweet foods. Photograph: Getty Images

Fruit flies that eat too much have helped scientists to understand why we tend to fall asleep after a big meal. Millions of people celebrating Thanksg(...)

The flu virus evades treatment because of frequent mutations which render older vaccines obsolete.

Scientists have taken a step closer to developing a single influenza vaccination that can protect against any form of the fast changing and dangerous (...)

Paul Kenny: “If you work hard and do good work, then it seems that you are limited only by your own imagination. ”

What makes an addiction so addictive? And could eating junk food light up the same reward pathways in the brain that jump into action when a pe(...)